Congregation votes in new vestry

Trinity Church congregants have elected new vestry members, to assume office on January 1. They are Bucky Brown, Trey Delaney, Tracey Knerr, and Thalia Mingo. In January, Doug Fitzgerald will assume Senior Warden duties; Juliet Richardson will become Junior Warden. 

Vestry members serve three-year terms; wardens serve two-year terms; generally, the junior warden becomes senior warden.

For the curious among us, vestry has two meanings. First, it's a small room in a church where a priest dresses for the services and where holy items
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Joining Israeli bikers raising funds for research

Jenny wrote in the Sept. 13 e-pistle about moments of grace experienced with a group of Israeli college students cycling to raise money and awareness for cancer research. "
Tom Peled told us the story of his father dying from cancer, and his own decision to turn his grief into something positive. This inspired a dream to 'fight cancer so that loved ones won't be lost in the future' and 'inspire others to turn bad circumstances into positive action.' With his vision, he gathered a team and the support needed to cycle across the United
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One Table Café Receives Great Review from Princeton Eats

Check out the review of One Table Café featured on the Princeton Eats blog:

One Table Cafe is Opening for Lunch, Fabulous as Ever

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